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Unknown VI

He sat on his back porch, a cement block covered in Astroturf, in an old aluminum chair his grandfather was going to throw out. It was night with every star in the sky. He tried the find the constellations his father taught him, but the glare from the neighbor’s all-night, security light, the kind that lit up their whole backyard, took some of the splendor away.

If his shotgun was handy, he would’ve fixed that problem. All he had was his sword, sheathed and resting across his lap. Things of the day, rabbits, squirrels, possums, required the shotgun. The things that came at night, the things that go bump, could only be slain by a sword.

(c) Mary Lewys, 2007

Unknown V

Every time she searched through her CD collection to find the perfect mood music, she stopped in one place: the missing album. It was part of a set, Living in Oblivion, a collection of underground, New Wave 80s hits she paid more than their worth at a flea market. She flashed back to their bonding over the compilation, but he was missing volume two. He said he would borrow it to make a copy.

From pursed lips, she hissed her curse.

On the other side of the country, his life imploded all over again. Last time, his father died in a hit and run accident. Before that, his boyfriend walked out with his arm around another man. This time, the phone rang. He listened as his manager explained why the company was closing. He dropped the phone when he found out his last paycheck would bounce due to lack of funds.

As tears welled, he picked up the phone and wondered what he’d done to deserve it.

Unknown IV

She held the white pill in her open hand.

“What’s that?” Peeking over, the wee blue fairy with glowing pearl wings climbed over her fingertips.

“It’s a pill.”

“What does it do?” The fairy adjusted its blue bell hat as it proceeded to sit down.

“If I take it, I won’t see you any more.” She didn’t move.

Puckering up its face, the fae nudged the pill marked 85 with its foot. “Take it? You all ready have it. Does it do any tricks?”

She laughed. “One magic trick.”

The fairy cooed. Folding its hands together, the blue pixie righted itself to gaze up. “I like magic.”

“Do you want to see?” She placed the pill near the back of her throat and swallowed, sticking her tongue out to show it was gone.

“You made it disappear!”

“No,” she sighed. “I made you disappear.”

Unknown III

The beeping grew louder. This was what her life had become: leaving the cold hospital chair to press a button on a monitor that no one paid any attention to for three minutes of blissful silence. She didn’t look at the patient on the gurney and he didn’t look at her.

It was in the wee hours of the morning when the world shrunk in the cold darkness. This was all she could see of her life – all the sacrifices made for peace. She counted, quietly in her head, all that she wanted and all she would never have. Leaning over, her forehead rested on the aluminum handrail.

His fingertips gripped hers, slightly trembling. He rubbed his worry into her skin. She didn’t move.

Unknown II

He held his cigarette between his middle and index finger. Puckering his puffy lips, his close-together eyes squinted at the canvas. Smoke wafted to mix with his blonder Mohawk that dangled over his high forehead. He held the smoke in his lungs for as long as he could be exhaling a slow-rising pillar.

He picked at his lip. His leg wiggled the wooden stool bearing up his enormous weight. The tape clicked over to side b in the player and his nervous tick moved in time to the music. After another drag, he picked up his paint brush and leaned closer to his art.

He had never met her. He never dreamed about her or saw her in a magazine or movie. She looked like no one he knew. Naked, she held a clear shower curtain over her personal bits. Chewed and frayed fingernails touched her blue, circular lips. Thick, black mascara outlined her brilliant blue eyes. In rolling curls, her multi-colored hair fell over her slender shoulders.

His brush licked along the pearl-gray carpet, giving it texture as it supported her perfectly pale and vein-lined legs. He stopped for another drag on his cigarette, along grinning. Maybe he would never find or meet her, but he would always have her.

(c) Mary Lewys, 2007

Unknown I

I HATE YOU, she wrote at the top of the page. Her trembling hand with stubby fingernails pressed the binding flat. Turning the purple cat book, she wrote down the perpendicular edge. I HATE YOU SO VERY VERY FUCKING MUCH.

Her hand paused before the bad word. Tears of broken promises blinded. She wiped them away before they could reach page with the sleeve of her black hoodie. Filling the page with her odium, the ink in her pen ran dry. She carded the name on the final page before throwing the journal away.

(c) Mary Lewys, 2007

Wandering up to the Pearl

With the sun threatening to set on a beautiful sky, a young lad with a head full of lazy curls wandered the docks. He stood out from the regular thick, hand stitched clothing of the 17th century sailors in his blue jeans and tee shirt. His flip-flop sandals swapped along with his easy pace. He smiled at everyone he passed, though his eyes didn't light up until he saw the Pearl. He would recognize that ship anywhere with his eyes closed. "Hello, m'lady. I bid you a good evening."

The Tale of Lucius

This is more or less some drabbling, left over from plotting from a role-play. I'm putting it down to get it out of my head and maybe find a proper ending for this character.

The Tale of LuciusCollapse )

*pokes the community*

So, this has been laying here forever.  I'm bored and in a pissy mood.  How about this?  Someone wanna play?  Work out an old plot that never got finished?  Try out something that you always wanted to do but never had the chance?  Toss it out here.  lordgloria, wanna find out what Jack and Ru would do?  Some new Duncan & Methos plot?  Something new and different?  Old and fun?  mlewys, wanna dig Jimmy out?  Give Lucius some exercise?  Hank?  Deke?

Rules for me!  If I'm online and I can make my mind work in RP-related circles, I'll post!  If not, I'll let you know that I'm either busy or the plot's not working for me.  I'll expect the same from you.  Either way, it'll be just for fun and if something doesn't work, it doesn't matter.  There's no overall plot, so no continuity to worry about.  We can spin off thousands and thousands of alternate universes, timelines, whatever.  ANYTHING YOU WANT.  ANYTHING I WANT.  Yes?

Yes, I'm bored.  And grumpy.  I've mentioned that already.  THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL RP.  Because I'll most likely never get involved in another one of those again.  But if you've got an urge, put the idea up here.  We can fake any extra characters we need.  Such as!
  1. Sitri vs. Carl.  You know I've always wanted to do that. 
  2. Duncan & Methos - the seduction.  Flirtation?  Giving them lots of time and adventures and life-threatening dramas to work through to come together. 
  3. Jack & Jimmy.  Bitching at each other because it's what they do best.
  4. Jack & Ru.  ?????????  *g*
  5. Jack & Lucius.  NO LUCIUS, YOU STILL CAN'T DO THAT.
  6. Um.  I'm hungry and have run out of ideas.  But you get the picture, yes?
Anyway.  Comment.  Tell me I'm a genius.  Or an idiot.  Whatever.


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