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Wandering Voices

sit down a listen for a while

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Consider this place a receptacle for all those voices without homes. Here they can speak, in story or non-story form, and find some peace. This isn’t a place for critique or criticism. This isn’t a place for interaction or role-play, though it can occur. This is a place to lay down your voice on the wind and let it soar.

Now that the poetic set-up is done, here come the hard rules:

  1. Disclaimers - all postings must include a disclaimer. You didn't create the characters, so give credit to the person that did.

  2. Ratings - all posts must be rated. Anything rated R or above must go behind an LJ-cut.

  3. LJ-cuts - Actually, anything over 100 words should go behind an LJ-cut.

  4. If your posting involves any possible squick, you should probably warn people. If for no other reason than to protect yourself from people leaving annoying, irate feedback.

  5. Please read over your words before posting to correct spelling errors, poor grammar and confusing phrasing. Seek a beta reader to help spot potential problems.

  6. No flaming. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. This isn’t a feedback community, though feedback won’t be removed. Flaming will not be tolerated.

  7. Any potential off-topic posts should be cleared with the moderators first. Check the information page for an updated list of moderators.

  8. Behave. Treat other users and their creations with the respect and courteously you would like to receive. If this concept seems foreign or unappealing, walk away now.

  9. This isn’t a democracy. There won’t be a vote. Moderators have final say. There will be no arguing about it.

More as I think of them.